Welcome to my resources page. Here I will post links to all of the useful tools I like to use for android development.


This tool is amazing. I like to keep all of my assets as well as local copies of my code on Dropbox. You can have Dropbox sync with all of your devices.

Because my data is accessible anywhere, I’m able to work on my projects anywhere I go. If you use my link below we will both get an extra 500 mb’s of space if you create a basic account (free). If you create a Pro account (paid) we both get one extra gig! Make sure to follow the steps here to earn the extra space.

Try Dropbox For Free

Android Studio

This tool is the official IDE for Android Development. I use it everyday!

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BlueHost Web Hosting

Once you’ve created your app, it’s important to show it to the world. Having a website for your app can help you gain exposure to potential customers. Having an online portfolio of your creations can help you earn your next client. I’ve been with BlueHost for several years now. Their customer service has always been responsive and their c-panel looks professional and is easy to navigate. Did I mention they are very affordable? Many of their hosting plans are less than $10 a month! Click here to check them out.

DISCLAIMER: The links in this resource are affiliate links. I receive compensation from Bluehost for any signups coming from the links in this resource post.

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Eclipse provides IDEs and platforms for nearly every language and architecture. It is a powerful IDE that is perfect for learning Java. To learn more about Eclipse, check out their website.

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Material Design Color Palette Tool

I’ve discovered an excellent tool to help developers figure out their app’s color palette. Pick two main colors and see a preview of what they would look like in a mobile app preview. I’ve been using it for a while now and love it! Check it out at materialpalette.com This site is apart of material.uplabs.com where you can find a lot of material design inspiration. Did I mention the tool is free to use?

Create Your Material Palette
Picture of an Android button with rounded corners. With text saying Rounded Button Tool

Android Button Tool

Have you ever wanted to create a custom Android button? This tool from AngryTools can help you in your quest of rounded edges. It is not limited to just round buttons, you can create all sorts of types. What I love about the tool, is it generates the java and xml code for you. The tool even shows you where to place it in your project. Check it out on their tools page here.

Create Custom Android Buttons
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Free App Icons

Icon Finder is an excellent resource for free and premium icons for your projects. *All links in this resource post are affiliate links.*

Download Free Icons

Free Launcher Icon Generator

Use this great online tool to easily size your app’s icons.

Created by Roman NurikSource on GitHub

Create Icons For Your App

Easy Logo Generator

If you need to quickly create a logo for your project, check out DesignEvo.

Create Your Free Logo