Jonathan Ingram
Android App Developer
Web Developer

"I've always believed if I can think it, I can code it."

Android Development

I taught myself how to write Android apps around August of 2013 and have never looked back! So far the android platform is my favorite to write code for. I have a lot of fun utilizing GPS and other built in sensors.

Modern Day Apprepreneur

I am constantly thinking of ways I can develop apps that can make an impact on the people and businesses around me.


I'm becoming an expert with my chosen tools allowing me to develop rapid prototypes and get an idea on the market quickly.

Web Development

I've always enjoyed developing websites after learning firsthand what kind of impact it can make on an organization while attending college.


I am always following the movers and shakers in my chosen industries and strive to surround myself with outstanding people.

Online Courses

I love continuing my education by utilizing online training. I never want to stop learning. I've enjoyed android development so much that I'm currently developing a course that will be available on Udemy.com very soon.

Who am I?

I am an Alabama native currently living in Birmingham, AL. I grew up taking things apart to learn how they work. I've always had a strong desire to learn new things. My favorite hobbies are working on muscle cars, being out on the water, or playing a fun game of paintball. I dream to have a successful business that will not only add value to my customers lives but also grant me the ability to truly contribute to my community.

Portfolio Coming Soon

Contact Me

Feel free to email me anytime at contact@ingramintegrations.net. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.